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If you are interested in becoming a member of the ‘TONES or have a booking request, please contact the GradTONES officers.

Madison Fitzgerald: madjfitz (at) umich (dot) edu
Publicity Directors
Parker Koch: pakoch (at) umich (dot) edu
Bee Taylor: taylorbd (at) umich (dot) edu
All Officers
gradtones (at) umich (dot) edu

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For information about other ways to get involved as a Michigan graduate student, click here. You might also be interested in learning about Rackham Student Government, which is kind enough to give us money.

2 Replies to “Contact Us”

  1. Hi,

    I am a new master student and I learned Gradtones from today’s Rackham welcome session. I was really impressed by your voice and I would like to join you guys. I am a super fan of music but I did never have any training of vocal music. Do you think I would sign up a time for audition. Besides of musician in your community, is there any other job/position that I can get involved of you guys (except of being an audience)?


  2. Hello Ningyuan,

    Thank you for your message! We’re thrilled to hear that you are interested in joining us. Our group does not require any formal training or prior experience with singing, so we would strongly encourage you to audition! Many of our current members have no training and are still very successful.

    Please feel free to email us at with any other questions you have!


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